Gallery This year's Main Attraction 220 ft Double Zip Lines... 50 feet above the ground! Must be a certain height/weight to ride. Read More > Gallery Bouncing, flipping FUN! 4 Stations! What could be funner that bouncing, boinging, spinning and twirling on a bungee cord? Make sure your parents get pictures! Read More > Gallery Hours of FUN! Kids LOVE the jumping castle and super slide. Fun + Exercise = tired but happy kids. We are looking forward to seeing you at this year's Wildcat Carnival. Read More >
Gallery Sponsored by Don Nelms of Farmers Insurance Is there a better way to get ready for Halloween? Show off your pumpkin-carving creativity and skill! Read More > Gallery The kids love these! Children (and adults) can get their faces painted and their hair sprayed with colorRead More > Gallery You can win prizes! Spin the Wheel, Fish Toss, Golf Putt, Softball Toss, Dart Balloon, Ring Toss and more! Come join in the FUN! Read More >
Gallery From 11am - 2pm. 102.9 The Q will be providing music that the kids love during the Carnival!

Gallery You will not go hungry! Enjoy the Mexican Food Court, Pizza by Dominos, Snow Cones, Popcorn, Coffee and more!
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Gallery And Outrageous Gift Baskets Giant themed gift baskets include, Dinosaur, Hiking, Coffee, Halloween, Gardening, Puzzles, Pasta, Games and more.
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The 2016 Wildcat Carnival at West Sedona School will be held on Saturday, October 15th, from 11-5.



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Arizona State Tax Credit

What is the Sedona Kids Tax Credit?

When you pay your Arizona State income tax, for every dollar you pay to the state, less than 1 cent comes back to our Sedona community.

If you enroll in your community Sedona Kids Tax Credit program, every dollar of income tax paid through this program is kept within our community. Dollar for Dollar – up to $200 per single filer and $400 for joint filers.

What better way to help your community? At no cost to you, enroll in this program TODAY, and the taxes you pay now go directly to your community schools and activities. The deadline to enroll for each year is December 31st. Read How it Works here.

Print the form here


The West Sedona School PTA is selling these adorable bumper stickers for $10.00 each to help raise funds for the classrooms. Please show the community that you care about our children’s future. Get a West Sedona School PTA bumper sticker today!
See Teresa Lamparter at the school’s front office or call 928-204-6602.

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The 2016 Wildcat Carnival at West Sedona School will be held on Saturday, October 15th. 11-5

Want to volunteer or sponsor this event? Please call Theresa Zaun at 204-6621.


We earned $1,000 last year for our school with Box Tops. They can be dropped off in the front office.


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